An audio production facility like no other

Andy Stewart’s Mill Studio combines cutting-edge digital with classic analogue equipment to create world-class results that speak for themselves.

The Studio

The Mill is an internationally acclaimed recording, mixing and mastering studio tucked away in the rolling hills of Bass Coast Shire in Victoria, Australia.

Managed and operated by renowned Australian producer and engineer, Andy Stewart, The Mill is a haven for musical creativity. Consistently producing world-class results, The Mill offers a vast array of cutting edge and vintage audio equipment that has been used to extraordinary effect on a wide range of recent albums, including: Gotyé’s Making Mirrors (which won three Grammys, including Independent Album of the Year in 2012), legendary artist Paul Kelly’s Spring and Fall, and Brighter Later’s The Wolves.

With 30 years experience producing, mixing and mastering, Andy Stewart is widely regarded as a one-stop shop for all things audio. He is as comfortable mastering an album as he is producing or mixing, and his production facility, The Mill, has become one of the most sought after studios amongst artists and producers Australia wide.

Set on twenty acres, with ocean views and rural surroundings, The Mill offers a secluded artistic environment, combining privacy, spectacular vistas and comfortable accommodation. The equipment list is to die for, as is the friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Some of the best sounding Australian music productions of the last decade have come from The Mill.

Our Services


The Mill boasts a diverse array of esoteric pro audio equipment that’s the envy of most private studios around the world. With a Neve console at its heart, outboard gear to die for and an extensive vintage microphone, guitar and keyboard collection, The Mill is a recording musician’s paradise. From the old Fairchild compressor and half-inch valve studer tape machine, to Wurlitzer keyboards and pianos, there’s classic gear in every corner of the studio.


Becoming more crucial than ever as more and more bands record more and more channels of audio, mixing is a difficult artform to master. Andy Stewart has been a professional exponent of this craft for nearly three decades, and is widely known for the unique combination of skill and imagination he brings to each and every project. Sometimes lush and deep, at other times in-your-face and loud, Andy’s mixes are diverse and imaginative, and always intriguing.


Andy Stewart is also renowned in Australia as a subtle, sensitive and responsive mastering engineer. He’s mastered countless albums over the last 20 years and, these days, boasts a loyal and diverse clientele. The Mill boasts a wide collection of digital and analogue mastering tools, including high end Neve, SSL, Pultec and Avalon EQ and compression, and a variety of tape-based formats. The studio produces masters for any audio format, including CD, vinyl and iTunes.