From independent releases to worldwide smash hits…

Andy Stewart has been involved in so many albums over the years it’s hard to catalogue them all. He was involved with Gotyé’s three times Grammy award winning album Making Mirrors – which sold millions – Paul Kelly’s superb album, Spring and Fall, independent band Brighter Later’s masterpiece, The Wolves, Tim Guy's Chords and Palace Motel's Splinters and Cinders.

  • Sweet Lime - Return to Blue

    Sweet Lime

    Return To Blue (2015)

    “What an absolute pleasure this is to listen to…” – Lachie Macara (Triple J Unearthed)

    Andy Stewart: Mastering Engineer
  • Tim Guy - Chords

    Tim Guy

    Chords (2015)

    “If Tim Guy were an American on an indie label he’d be as respected a songwriter as Ryan Adams and all them hip people. Go get this album and be rewarded time and time again. Can’t recommend it highly enough.” – Graham Reid (Elsewhere)

    Andy Stewart: Producer, Mix Engineer, Instruments & Backing Vocals
  • Natalie Gillespie - Courage To Love CD Cover LR

    Natalie Gillespie

    Courage To Love (2015)

    “Natalie’s raw, soulful sound and powerful lyrics, melding with the talents of some of the most dynamic musicians gracing the Australian music scene, creates an unforgettable, complex and eclectic emotional landscape.” – Kate Hennessey (Sydney Morning Herald)

    Andy Stewart: Mixing & Mastering Engineer
  • Patrick Lyons - Beasts of the Field

    Patrick Lyons

    Beasts of the Field (2014)

    “Inventiveness is audible in this record’s full yet mournful feel and broken yet beautiful sounds. Ably veering from bar-room ballads to cantering bluegrass to the sorrowful wolf-howl folk of Gone From This Town and the tremolo-blurred amble of Tight Noose Blues, this album is a rumination you can’t help but join.” – Kate Hennessey (Sydney Morning Herald).

    Andy Stewart: Mastering
  • 0001742479_500

    Tash Parker

    Waking Up (2010)

    “Mix engineers on the album were Andy Stewart and Franc Tetaz, pretty much nailing down that the music industry is already behind Tash. And it’s obvious why. The final product is clean and sharp as cut glass, emphasizing her gentle voice without muffling the passion behind it.” – Richard Kingsmill  (Tripe J)

    Andy Stewart: Mixing
  • Sophie Koh – All Shook Up

    Sophie Koh

    All Shook Up (2008)

    “Stunningly opulent…” –  Waterfront

    Andy Stewart: Mixing
  • Owls of the Swamp - Go With River

    Owls of the Swamp

    Go With River (2011)

    “An exercise in ethereal, melody driven folk, Go with River may well be one of the sleeper hits of the year – the type of album youstumble across and go: ‘why don’t more people know about this?’” – Timber and Steel

    Andy Stewart: Mastering
  • Celibate Rifles – Beyond Respect

    The Celibate Rifles

    Beyond Respect (2004)

    Beyond Respect is a classic piece of Rifles Rawk, punctuated by quieter moments of introspection. It’s chockfull of incisive wordplay and those trademark maelstrom guitars – a return to the period that most fans of the band seem to cherish the most.” – The Barman

    Andy Stewart: Recording
  • The Whitlams – Little Cloud

    The Whitlams

    Little Cloud (2006)

    “I must say I was extremely impressed by this double album. It has the heart and energy of their previous releases but a much more advanced structure and production” – Jenny Cix (Amazon)

    Andy Stewart: Recording, Mixing and Backing Vocals
  • Brighter Later – The Wolves

    Brighter Later

    The Wolves (2013)

    “This subdued blend of lo-fi indie-folk and dream pop has been put together with such commendable discretion. The Wolves is hauntingly complex; yet still sounds effortless and organic, making it nothing short of a masterpiece.” – Justine Keating (The Music)

    Andy Stewart: Mixing, Mastering, Additional Drums and Percussion
  • Paul Kelly – Spring and Fall

    Paul Kelly

    Spring and Fall (2012)

    “This is Kelly at his finest – finest songwriting, singing and musicianship.” – Chris Johnson – Sydney Morning Herald

    Andy Stewart: Mixing, Recording, Drums, Backing Vocals
  • Gotyé – Making Mirrors


    Making Mirrors (2012)

    The three times Grammy Award winning album, including Independent Album of the Year – 2013

    Andy Stewart: Mixing
  • The Boat People – Chandeliers cover

    The Boat People

    Chandeliers (2008)

    “Crisply produced and wonderfully written and arranged, Chandeliers is superb, mature pop music, as good as anything you’ll hear in this genre this year. International recognition beckons.” – Ben Eltham (Mess and Noise)

    Andy Stewart: Mixing
  • May Dreamers – Love Is Your Destiny

    May Dreamers

    Love is Your Destiny (2011)

    “It’s baroque pop in the mode and scale of Burt Bacharach or Pet Sounds. The layers are as heady as the sentiments are sunny and hopeful” – Doug Wallen (Mess and Noise)

    Andy Stewart: Mixing & Mastering Engineer
  • a1002323206_10

    Ron S. Peno & The Superstitions

    Future Universe (2011)

    “Everything about this album exudes class… this is music for grown-ups, made by grown-ups.” – René Schaefer (Mess and Noise)

    Andy Stewart: Mixing and Mastering
  • Ron S Peno - Anywhere and Everything

    Ron S. Peno & The Superstitions

    Anywhere and Everything is Bright (2013)

    “The restrained mix of drums, bass, organs and clean guitar has a live-in-a-room feel that breezes right out of one’s speakers” – Edward Sharp-Paul (Mess and Noise)

    Andy Stewart: Mastering
  • C.W. Stoneking - King Hokum

    C.W. Stoneking

    King Hokum (2005)

    This sounds as if someone set up a microphone in a back room around 1927 and recorded direct to wax” – Bernard Zuel (Sydney Morning Herald)

    Andy Stewart: Mastering
  • C.W

    C.W. Stoneking

    C.W. Stoneking (1998)

    “The guys looks and sounds like he fell off a charm bracelet – astounding!” – Michael Epis

    Andy Stewart: Production, Recording and Mixing.
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