(first published in CX magazine – March, 2014)


A few things have arrived at The Mill recently – some for review, others that I’ve purchased for the studio outright.

One of these is by no means the most glamorous bit of gear I’ve bought in recent years, but it’s without doubt the lightest and most effective for the price. It’s my new Editor’s Keys Pro Tools Keyboard Cover (www.editorskeys.com/pro-tools-ultra-thin-short-wireless-cover/).

The product is a half-millimetre thick silicone skin for my wireless Mac keyboard. I bought it because I was sick of trying to remember less frequently used Pro Tools commands. It’s been fantastic: fits cleanly over the keyboard and doesn’t feel clunky like the crappy old plastic ones. Not only has it freed up my thinking while I’m using the program, it’s taught me a few moves into the bargain.

I used to use a similar custom keyboard years ago, but it required USB power. Consequently, the lead kept getting tangled in the console’s knobs, so I abandoned it. With this thing I have the best of both worlds: wireless functionality and a printed memory locator! If you use Pro Tools and constantly scratch your head trying to remember how to perform a menial task, get one. They’re well worth it I reckon.