Skill, experience, imagination and passion…

Andy Stewart has had 30 years experience in the audio industry, recording, mixing, mastering and performing. He’s acquainted with every aspect of the production process, and is widely regarded as a master of his art.


Andy Stewart has been involved in the Australian music industry for 30 years, beginning his long career as a drummer in several independent Melbourne based bands.

Quickly discovering a love for all things studio related, Andy immediately developed a desire for recording and mixing that has earned him the reputation as one of Australia’s most highly regarded producer/engineers.

Having worked with acts as diverse as Gotyé, Paul Kelly, The Whitlams, CW Stoneking and Brighter Later – along with countless others – Andy has an extensive back catalogue of independent and commercial albums to his name. Brilliant at drawing out the strengths of any artist he works with, Andy has a reputation for insightfulness, sensitivity and practicality.

He is also well known for his deep passion for music, and a seemingly unquenchable appetite for new, ground-breaking artists.

Widely regarded as a ‘golden ear’ of the industry, Andy is a talented mix engineer with a delicate touch, a fine ear for detail, and a reputation for inventiveness and imagination. He is also a formidable mastering engineer.

Andy is also well known, both in Australia and internationally, for his insightful articles on all things pro audio. For 10 years he was editor of AudioTechnology magazine, travelling extensively worldwide and earning the reputation as one of the world’s most passionate audio writers. For the last three years he has contributed monthly to the Australian publication, CX Magazine.

Laurence Szucs – Palace Motel
“Andy has taught me more about music in 12 months than I learnt in 12 years.”